Friday, February 10, 2017

My Favorite Show: American Horror Story

My favorite TV series right now is American Horror Story, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Every season they get a new director, sometimes two.

I have seen three seasons out of the current five (six is airing right now), so Ill only be able to summarize the two I've seen. I would just summarize the whole thing, however every season is very different from the other. Meaning, one summary wouldn't accurately describe the whole show.
Season one is called Murder House. It follows a teenage girl, her mom, and her dad, as they move into a house that, unknown to them, is filled with the ghosts of people who were murdered in the house. These ghosts can be invisible or visible at will, however they can't leave the house. Then the mom gets pregnant and all the ghosts want to take the baby for themselves. My favorite character from this season is Tate Langdon, played by Evan Peters.

The second season is called Coven. It mainly follows a teenager named Zoe, who finds out shes a witch. Her parents then send her to a coven where she can learn to be a witch. However, the show doesn't focus mainly on her, it's more focused on all the witches of the coven and finding who the next supreme which is. My favorite character in this season is Madison Montgomery, played by Emma Roberts. Oddly enough, Evan Peter's character had a relationship-ish thing with Madison, and Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are currently dating.
The reason I like the show is because it's very thrilling, freakishly weird, and set in a modern era. I highly recommend it, however it is not very school appropriate.

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  1. Hello Ander! I don't really like American Horror story because I'm not a big fan of horror movies I prefer comedy and action movies and series. But There is some horror series that I love like Penny Dreadful and The Walking Dead. However I think that horror series let us explore the unknown, where wonder and horror walk side by side, and also to feel strong emotions. Anyway, you said that every season is different from the other so I think that the creators of the series should have done separate movies than making a series. That's my opinion I hope you enjoyed it !