Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Favorite Music

Right now one of the artists I listen to the most is Twenty One Pilots. They are composed of Tyler Joseph, who sings, plays piano, and plays guitar, and Josh Dun, who plays the drums. 
Tyler on the right, Josh on the left

The genre of their music is hard to classify, but it's often described as indie pop or alternative pop. 
One of my favorite songs by them is " Car Radio" in the album " Blurryface". The song is about the writer Tyler Joseph's struggle with depression and how all these things in his life are falling apart.
One of my other favorite songs by them is " Heathens', which is a single. It was made for the movie " Suicide Squad", which is why the album art says that. The songs is argued about what it means, but the most common theme is that it's a warning to new fans of the band to watch out for long time fans who can be kind of harsh.
I can also play both songs on ukulele. I've played ukulele for a while and I can play a lot of Twenty One Pilots' songs.

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  1. hello Ander! I see that we share common interests. I find your music taste very appealing, because i thought that i was the only one that enjoy listening to Twenty One Pilots songs like Heathens wich is my favorite song to ! I think the fact to listen to alternative pop has made you a personality and a taste for music which me and you are defending it .