Tuesday, September 27, 2016

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Ander. I live in Fortuna, California.(picture taken by me, at the Eel River boardwalk)

I have two pets. A kitten named Lyric(she's a she),

and a dog named Charlie.

I've lived here in Fortuna for most of my life, I moved from San Jose when I was three. I enjoy hiking in the redwood forests at rohner park, walking around town, playing with animals, and taking pictures. Recently I have also been dying my hair. I had brunette hair which I then bleached, then dyed red( which faded  to orange), and now it's green. In the future I plan on becoming a lawyer in criminal law. I want to be a lawyer because I like arguing for/against something and It's always interested me. My favorite subject is math because I like the logistics and little amount of objectivity in it.


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  2. Hey Ander, I'm Narjis, I love hiking but my parents won't let me go alone. I love the idea of you dyeing your hair I plan to do the same for my sixteenth birthday! Lawyer huh? that's great I used to like being a lawyer but I changed my mind and now I want to be a doctor!

  3. Hi Ander, so I see that you love deing you hair that's cool but I don't think my parents will let me do the same, you know, it's Morocco. That's a good project fot the futur, so are they some good Universities in Fortuna to continue your studies or do you plan to change the town ?